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Oblachnaya Mountain, 1855 m - the highest mountain of Primorye

Individual tour for 2 foreign tourists.


Best season - May - October

  • 1 day:

8-9 a.m. landing in a car, delivery from Vladivostok to Chuguevsky district, 420 km

In the way, stop for lunch at a roadside cafe.

Visit the museum in Arsenyev and observation point.

By 5 o'clock arrive in the Arkhipovka village.


Accommodation in the manor "Derevenskoye Podvorye"

Walk through the village to the Ussuri River. Photographing in national costumes. Gramophone.


Dinner. Russian bathhouse.

  • 2 day:


Delivery to the national park "Zov Tiger" on 4WD vehicles, on the way about 2-3 hours.

Climbing on foot to the highest mountain of Oblachnaya Mountain 1855 m. Ussuri taiga. Ticks. We provide repellents.

Climb to the mountain for 4 hours, on the top 1 hour and descent from the mountain 4 hours. Time is approximate, depends on the physical form of clients.


Lunch-picnic and water guests take with them in a small backpack.

Return to the manor. Dinner. Bathhouse.

  • Day 3:


Excursion to the neighboring Topolevoe village. Acquaintance with the local beekeeping farmer, his house, a pond, an apiary and a ginseng plantation.

Lunch at the Manor

Departure to Vladivostok

The cost of the tour for a group of 2 people is 103 000 rubles.

The price includes: car, English-speaking guide-translator, accommodation, meals, permits in the national park.


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